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             By accepting our service you agree to all terms on this contract even if not singed        

Sorry but additional fees may be assessed if driver has to wait for monies to be made available. If paid by company check and your back disowned your check you will be charge and all collections fee including travel time if we have to drive to your Location

Travel time will be circulated at $50.00 per Hr and a $50.00 check return fee in the event your boat is impended for nun payment we will charge $35.00 per day for storage  
In the event we go and pick up your boat and it cannot be pick up you will still owe the transport cost you have 72 Horus from the date of this contract to call us and cancel it

After 72 hrs it’s a $1000.00 cancellation Fee will apply  sorry but we have lost Lots of Money in Fuel going to pick up boat that are not ready or owners changing there minds on transport. 
Please note that there may be fees to other parties that are not included in our quotes that must be covered by the customer. These may include: Permits, ramp fees, crane fees, dock fees, marina fees, lift fees flat tiers Tolls or miscellaneous fees  

Additional charges may be due if information supplied by customer is incorrect and fees for extra escorts, downtime, overnights, fines, permits etc. are incurred. Customer must pay for any difference prior to launch.  
Any time a boat is loaded on a trailer there are risks. Water levels rise and fall at ramps and we cannot see under the water for objects that can cause damage, nor can we know the condition or strength of the hull of your boat. It is in our best interest at SW FLORIDA TRANSPORTER INC , as well as yours, that we do our best to transport your boat from one location to another without any damage incurred. However, we do not accept or assume liability or responsibility for damage or damages while loading the boat in the water at the pickup location or upon launching the boat into the water at the delivery location. SW FLORIDA TRANSPORTER INC cannot be held responsible for under water damage during water pickups or launching, especially to items that protrude such as depth sounders and out drives that can come in contact with our trailer or yours- ramps. Or flat tiers-wheel bearings in the case your trailer brakes down during transport we will get it fix and pass the repair cost to customer also we may charge for down time or any over night stay do to brake down    SW FLORIDA TRANSPORTER INC cannot be held responsible for any damage to boats at any time that already lack structural integrity.
sorry but we are not responsible for any thing installed above factory specs antennas radars extra they must be removed for transport
SW FLORIDA TRANSPORTER INC carries $1,000,000 in cargo insurance. If the value of your boat exceeds this amount, a binder may be obtained for more coverage at additional costs. Shall it become necessary to take legal action to collect the balance of this account, the customer agrees to pay attorney fees and court costs. It is mutually understood and agreed between both parties that this contract shall be deemed to have been entered into in Cape Coral, FL and shall be the location where any cause of action arising under this contract shall be instituted.

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